Sendai Aoba Festival

Spectacular event that recaptures the past Sendai domain
The festival representing spring in Sendai is proud of its 350 years of tradition. The eve of the festival is called “Yoi Matsuri,” and many citizen groups dance the “Sendai Suzume Odori (sparrow dance)” in various places in Sendai. On the day of this festival “Hon Matsuri,” wheeled tall “Yamaboko”(festival floats with the gorgeous ornament) parade the streets with a procession of samurai who wear armor, etc.

Sendai Suzume Odori
The attraction of the Sendai Aoba Festival that is comparable to the “Yamahoko procession” is the “Sendai Suzume Odori (sparrow dance).” The groups with fans in both hands dance full of energy. The name comes from the dance resembling sparrows picking food. They say that the origin of this is the dance by the stonemasons at the celebration of the newly-built Sendai Castle.
Sendai Aoba Festival Association (in Japanese & English)